Mark Chih-Wei Hsu

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This study integrates LiDAR data and topographic map information for reconstruction of 3D building models. The procedure includes feature extraction, registration and reconstruction. In this study, the tensor voting algorithm and a region-growing method with principal features are adopted to extract building roof planes and structural lines from LiDAR data.(More)
Gravity dams are structures commonly used in electricity generation, water supply, flood control and other purposes. Concerns about the safety of these structures when subjected to dynamic loads are an important issue for new projects and in maintenance programs for already built dams. Isogeometric Analysis (IGA) is a numerical approach that allows the(More)
In the previous works it has been observed that a frequent item set mining algorithm are supposed to mine the closed ones as the finish results in a compact and a complete progress set and enhanced potency. However, the latest closed item set mining algorithms works with both candidate maintenance and check paradigm hand in hand, which proves to be(More)
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