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– New accelerator-driven technologies that utilize spallation neutrons, such as the production of tritium and the transmutation of radioactive waste, require accurate nuclear data to model the performance of the target/blanket assembly and to predict neutron production, activation, heating, shielding requirements, and material damage. To meet these needs,(More)
The Subgroup A activities focus on the development of nuclear reaction models and codes, used in evaluation work for nuclear reactions from the unresolved energy region up to the pion threshold production limit, and for target nuclides from the low teens and heavier. Much of the efforts are devoted by each participant to the continuing development of their(More)
The preequilibrium (nucleon-in, nucleon-out) angular distributions of 27 Al, 58 Ni and 90 Zr have been analyzed in the energy region from 90 to 200 MeV in terms of the Quantum Moleculear Dynamics (QMD) theory. First, we show that the present approach can reproduce the measured (p,xp') and (p,xn) angular distributions leading to continuous final states(More)
Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory are considering the possibility of using the Low Energy Demonstration Accelerator, constructed at Los Alamos Neutron Science Center for the Accelerator Production of Tritium Project, as a neutron source. Evaluated nuclear data are needed for the p+ 7 Li reaction, to predict neutron production from thin and thick(More)
This paper introduces a new method to determine simplified earthquake event waveforms (SEEW) of regional earthquakes from their seismological signals which are heavily plagued with seismic noise. This method iteratively couples a standardised earthquake detection procedure with a wavelet thresholding procedure in order to cut through the seismic noise floor(More)
This paper includes the main topics associated with seismic noise modeling. First part will describe the seismic noise modeling bases and its corresponding mathematical approaches. The second part will review the main approaches taken in practice to find the noise models. Two main research performed by Peterson [1] and McNamara [2] will be studied. The(More)