Mark Cardona

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Acute viral gastroenteritis is an intestinal infection that can be caused by several different viruses. Here we describe the evaluation and verification of Seeplex Diarrhea-V ACE (Seeplex DV), a novel commercial multiplex reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) assay that detects 5 diarrheal pathogens, including adenovirus, rotavirus, norovirus genogroup I (GI)(More)
Transmucosal passage of bacteria across the intestine, the essential and prerequisite step for bacterial translocation, cannot be effectively studied using in vivo models of translocation. We have adapted the Ussing chamber into a fresh, sterile organ culture system that can facilitate the study of bacterial-epithelial interactions. Intestinal membranes(More)
BACKGROUND Although gastrointestinal mucus is one of a number of putative host defense mechanisms that protect the gut barrier against microbial translocation, little experimental data are available to show its role in this process. The present study sought to determine the role of mucus depletion on the transepithelial passage of bacteria across viable(More)
The biocompatibility of surgically implanted materials may be compromised as a consequence of inflammatory reactions associated with phagocyte activation. Two important mediators of the inflammatory response are Interleukin-1 (IL-1) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF), both of which exert a wide range of biologic effects on many cells. This study was designed(More)
The effect of biomaterials on neutrophil function was studied in vitro to determine if these materials activated neutrophils and to determine the subsequent response of these neutrophils to further stimulation. Two biomaterials--polyurethane, a commonly used substance, and Velcro pile (used in the Jarvik 7 heart)--were evaluated. Two control substances,(More)
Sterile and endotoxin-free biomaterials commonly used in prosthetic devices (Dacron velour, woven Dacron, and Biomer polyurethane) and cotton (control material) were implanted intraperitoneally in mice with normal enteric flora. Intraperitoneal Biomer and woven Dacron became contaminated with 100 to 10,000 enteric bacteria, including Escherichia coli,(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the newborn and weanling intestinal mucosa to determine differences in: (1) the electrophysiologic characteristics of the mucosal barrier; (2) the effects of glutamine supplementation on these physiological characteristics; and (3) transmucosal bacterial passage. The Ussing chamber was used to study ileal mucosa from(More)
A short course of FK 506 after small bowel transplantation averts rejection in the rat and achieves indefinite survival of the recipient whose nutritional status is dependent on the function of the intestinal graft. Ex vivo electrophysiologic studies using the Ussing Cell were conducted to delineate functional competence of the graft by evaluating mucosal(More)
We report on three brothers with mental retardation, microcephaly and prominent ears whose cytogenetic studies showed no fragile X. However, an elevated frequency of spontaneous chromosome aberrations compared with that in normal individuals was found. The chromosome aberrations included acentric fragments, rings, dicentrics and radial figures. The(More)
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