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Current methods for determining ambient redox potential in cells are labor-intensive and generally require destruction of tissue. This precludes single cell or real time studies of changes in redox poise that result from metabolic processes or environmental influences. By substitution of surface-exposed residues on the Aequorea victoria green fluorescent(More)
— Recent developments in stochastic MPC provided guarantees of closed loop stability and satisfaction of probabilis-tic and hard constraints. However the required computation can be formidable for anything other than short prediction horizons. This difficulty is removed in the current paper through the use of tubes of fixed cross-section and variable(More)
Robust model predictive control (RMPC) is an area of significant practical importance that has received a lot of research attention in recent years. Despite this, there still remains a considerable challenge, that of reaching a reasonable compromise between computational tractability and degree of optimality. Early results [1] were based on an open–loop(More)