Mark Cameron

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Understanding human mobility is crucial for a broad range of applications from disease prediction to communication networks. Most efforts on studying human mobility have so far used private and low resolution data, such as call data records. Here, we propose Twitter as a proxy for human mobility, as it relies on publicly available data and provides high(More)
  • Marie-Line Goulet, David Olagnier, Zhengyun Xu, Suzanne Paz, S. Mehdi Belgnaoui, Erin I. Lafferty +17 others
  • 2013
The RIG-I like receptor pathway is stimulated during RNA virus infection by interaction between cytosolic RIG-I and viral RNA structures that contain short hairpin dsRNA and 5' triphosphate (5'ppp) terminal structure. In the present study, an RNA agonist of RIG-I was synthesized in vitro and shown to stimulate RIG-I-dependent antiviral responses at(More)
This paper presents a notification system to identify earthquakes from first-hand reports published on Twitter. Tweets from target regions in Australia and New Zealand are checked for earthquake keyword frequency bursts and then processed to identify evidence of an earthquake. The benefit of our earthquake detector is that it relies on evidence of firsthand(More)
Selectin-ligands on T cells contribute to the recruitment of circulating cells into chronic inflamma-tory lesions in the skin and elsewhere. This report provides the first evidence that a single fucosyltransferase, termed FucT-VII, controls the synthesis of E-selectin ligands in human T-lymphoblasts. The FucT-IV trans-ferase (the ELFT enzyme), in contrast,(More)
Early detection of disease outbreaks is critical for disease spread control and management. In this work we investigate the suitability of statistical machine learning approaches to automatically detect Twitter messages (tweets) that are likely to report cases of possible influenza like illnesses (ILI). Empirical results obtained on a large set of tweets(More)
Over the last few years, numerous ligand binding assay technologies that utilize real-time measurement have been introduced; however, an assemblage and evaluation of these technologies has not previously been published. Herein, we describe six emerging real-time measurement technologies: Maverick™, MX96 SPR™, NanoDLSay™, AMMP®/ViBE®, SoPrano™, and two(More)
Semantic technologies are often proposed as important components of complex , cross-jurisdictional, heterogeneous, dynamic information systems. The needs and opportunities arising from the rapidly growing capabilities of networked sensing devices are a challenging case. It is estimated that today there are 4 billion mobile devices that can act as sensors,(More)
Sharing health data for research purposes across data custodian boundaries poses technical, organisational and ethical challenges. We describe aservice oriented architecture for aproposed Health Research Data Network (HRDN). The HRDN architecture supports services to manage data access and use by researchers in accordance with individual data custodian(More)
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