Mark C. Surles

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We describe a new paradigm for modeling proteins in interactive computer graphics systems--continual maintenance of a physically valid representation, combined with direct user control and visualization. This is achieved by a fast algorithm for energy minimization, capable of real-time performance on all atoms of a small protein, plus graphically specified(More)
The Alacoil is an antiparallel (rather than the usual parallel) coiled-coil of alpha-helices with Ala or another small residue in every seventh position, allowing a very close spacing of the helices (7.5-8.5 A between local helix axes), often over four or five helical turns. It occurs in two distinct types that differ by which position of the heptad repeat(More)
Physically-based modeling applications usually require batch processing for each frame of an animation or simulation. This paper describes a graphics modeling system, called Sculpr, that maintains physically-valid protein properties while a user interactively moves atoms. Sculpt models stiff properties such as bond lengths and angles as rigid constraints(More)
Interactive modeling systems that continually maintain a physically-realistic representation of an object combine advantages of interactive graphics and batch simulations. In this paper 1 address two advantages of incorporating physics into Sculpt, an interactive protein modeling system. First, time-consuming model correction is avoided by maintaining a(More)
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