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BACKGROUND Adolescent risk behaviours such as smoking, alcohol use and antisocial behaviour are associated with increased risk of morbidity and mortality. Patterns of risk behaviour may vary between genders during adolescence. METHODS Analysis of data from a longitudinal birth cohort to assess the prevalence and distribution of multiple risk behaviours by(More)
In 4 experiments the authors used a variant of the picture-word interference paradigm to investigate whether there is a temporal overlap in the activation of words during sentence production and whether there is a flow of semantic and phonological information between them. Experiments 1 and 2 demonstrate that 2 semantically related nouns produce(More)
The association between parturient hypocalcemia and 8 periparturient disorders (dystocia, retained fetal placenta, metritis, left displaced abomasum, foot problems, ketosis, mastitis, and coliform mastitis) was evaluated in 33 Holstein dairy herds (2,190 cows) that calved from March 1981 through February 1982. There were highly significant (P less than(More)
This paper describes a directory service framework for the Internet that fits within the approach outlined in the IETFÕs RFC 1588. This framework consists of a global directory service that enables virtually any local directory service to operate under it. We also include an optimized local directory service, thereby providing a complete solution for(More)
Path analysis was used to model the direct and indirect relationships among age, previous lactation yield or estimated transmitting ability for milk, body weight, days dry, reproductive disorders, milk fever, mastitis, reproductive performance, current milk yield, and culling. Prospective data were from 784 primiparous and 2,066 multiparous Holstein(More)
Two experiments examined identification and bisection of tones varying in temporal duration (Experiment 1) or frequency (Experiment 2). Absolute identification of both durations and frequencies was influenced by prior stimuli and by stimulus distribution. Stimulus distribution influenced bisection for both stimulus types consistently, with more positively(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate potential sources of an epizootic of listerial encephalitis, using molecular diagnostic and typing methods. SAMPLE POPULATION A flock of about 655 sheep. PROCEDURE An epizootiologic investigation was performed. Clinical, feed, and environmental samples were tested for Listeria monocytogenes, using polymerase chain reaction and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the course and prognosis of airway obstruction and feeding difficulty in the Pierre Robin sequence (PRS). METHODS Retrospective review of 60 patients with PRS between 1993 and 2002 at the University of California, Davis Medical Center. Patients were placed into diagnostic subgroups: (1) Isolated PRS; (2) Syndromic PRS (known syndrome(More)
An online picture description methodology was used to investigate the interaction between lexical and syntactic information in spoken sentence production. In response to arrays of moving pictures, participants generated prepositional sentences, such as "The apple moves towards the dog," as well as coordinate noun phrase sentences, such as "The apple and the(More)
PURPOSE Determine the degree of interfraction prostate motion and its components measured by using daily megavoltage (MV) cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging. METHODS AND MATERIALS A total of 984 daily MV CBCT images from 24 patients undergoing definitive intensity-modulated radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer were analyzed(More)