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Landau-Kleffner syndrome (LKS) is an acquired epileptic aphasia occurring in childhood and associated with a generally poor prognosis for recovery of speech. It is thought to be the result of an epileptogenic lesion arising in speech cortex during a critical period of development. Utilizing a new surgical technique designed to eliminate the capacity of(More)
This paper describes a directory service framework for the Internet that fits within the approach outlined in the IETFÕs RFC 1588. This framework consists of a global directory service that enables virtually any local directory service to operate under it. We also include an optimized local directory service, thereby providing a complete solution for(More)
Two experiments examined identification and bisection of tones varying in temporal duration (Experiment 1) or frequency (Experiment 2). Absolute identification of both durations and frequencies was influenced by prior stimuli and by stimulus distribution. Stimulus distribution influenced bisection for both stimulus types consistently, with more positively(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between the extent of resection of mesial temporal structures and postsurgical seizure outcome in a group of patients who had undergone a tailored anterior temporal lobectomy. METHODS Twenty-four patients with unilateral interictal and ictal foci restricted to anterior/mesial temporal(More)
Column generation is an increasingly important technique for the solution of linear and integer programming problems. This paper describes a nested column generation approach for rostering problems in which the arc weights in a master shortest path problem are calculated by solving a second set of shortest path problems. This model exploits the natural(More)
It has been suggested that there are systematic distortions in children's memory for temporal durations, such that children's memory is not just less accurate than that of adults but qualitatively different. Experiment 1 replicated the memory distortion effect by demonstrating developmental change in the tendency to confuse a reference duration with one(More)
Novelty, or abnormality, detection aims to identify patterns within data streams that do not conform to expected behaviour. This paper introduces novelty detection techniques using a combination of Gaussian processes, extreme value theory and divergence measurement to identify anomalous behaviour in both streaming and batch data. The approach is tested on(More)
An online picture description methodology was used to investigate the interaction between lexical and syntactic information in spoken sentence production. In response to arrays of moving pictures, participants generated prepositional sentences, such as "The apple moves towards the dog," as well as coordinate noun phrase sentences, such as "The apple and the(More)
The association between unilateral ear extinction on the dichotic listening test and the lateralization of epileptogenic foci was examined in a sample of 49 seizure patients undergoing preoperative evaluation for epilepsy surgery. Results from patients who were left hemisphere dominant for speech indicated that right ear impairment was always predictive of(More)