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Regulation of gene expression can be analyzed by a number of different techniques. Some techniques monitor the level of specific mRNA directly, and others monitor indirectly by determining the level of enzymes encoded by the mRNA. Each method has its own inherent way of normalization. When results obtained by these techniques are compared between(More)
A high-level fault modeling and testing philosophy is proposed which is aimed at ensuring,full detection of low-level, physical faults, as well as the industry-standard single stuck-line (SSL) faults. A set of independent functional faults and the corresponding ,functional tests are derived (induced) from the circuit under test; ofparticulur interest are(More)
A causal relationship between otosclerosis and sensorineural hearing loss is thought to exist. Forty-nine patients with unilateral otosclerosis were studied by comparing the bone conduction threshold in the otosclerotic ear to the bone conduction threshold in the uninvolved ear. This difference was analyzed using the paired Student's t test, and significant(More)
Reprints available directly from the publisher Photocopying permitted by license only (C) 2001 OPA (Overseas Publishers Association) N.V. We present novel test set encoding and pattern decompression methods for core-based systems. These are based on the use of twisted-ring counters and offer a number of important advantages-significant test compression(More)
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