Mark C Gabriel

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It is increasingly becoming known that mercury transport and speciation in the terrestrial environment play major roles in methyl-mercury bioaccumulation potential in surface water. This review discusses the principal biogeochemical reactions affecting the transport and speciation of mercury in the terrestrial watershed. The issues presented are(More)
All-optical demultiplexing has been shown with a full-duty-cycle 2.5-Gbit/s signal in a nonlinear fiber Sagnac interferometer. Complete switching of arbitrary pulse patterns in the data stream has been achieved by using two orthogonal polarization states for the switching and switched pulse trains. The polarization dispersion between the two fiber axes(More)
A method for the measurement of fast, intensity-dependent refractive-index changes with the use of a modified Sagnac ring interferometer is presented. The measurement is not degraded by slowly responding background index changes. Nonlinear refractive-index changes in an undoped silicon wafer, and in poly-bis toluene sulfonate polydiacetylene and dye-doped(More)
The primary objective of this research is to investigate relationships between mercury in upland soil, lake water and fish tissue and explore the cause for the observed spatial variation of THg in age one yellow perch (Perca flavescens) for ten lakes within the Superior National Forest. Spatial relationships between yellow perch THg tissue concentration and(More)
Large constructed wetlands, known as stormwater treatment areas (STAs), have been deployed to remove phosphorus (P) in drainage waters before discharge into the Everglades in South Florida, USA. Their P removal performance depends on internal P cycling under typically hydrated, but with occasionally desiccated, conditions. We examined the spatial and(More)
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