Mark C. E. Peterson

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The potential impact of ship emissions on concentrations of nitrogen oxides and reactive nitrogen compounds in the marine boundary layer is assessed using a global chemical transport model. The model predicts significant enhancements of these compounds over large regions, especially over the northern midlatitude oceans. This result is consistent with a(More)
A mathematical model component that extends an existing physiologically based multiscale systems pharmacology model (MSPM) of calcium and bone homeostasis was developed, enabling prediction of nonlinear changes in lumbar spine bone mineral density (LSBMD). Data for denosumab, a monoclonal antibody osteoporosis treatment, dosed at several levels and(More)
Although a quantitative relationship between sequence similarity and structural similarity has long been established, little is known about the impact of orthology on the relationship between protein sequence and structure. Among homologs, orthologs (derived by speciation) more frequently have similar functions than paralogs (derived by duplication). Here,(More)
Therapeutic proteins (TPs) are increasingly combined with small molecules and/or with other TPs. However preclinical tools and in vitro test systems for assessing drug interaction potential of TPs such as monoclonal antibodies, cytokines and cytokine modulators are limited. Published data suggests that clinically relevant TP-drug interactions (TP-DI) are(More)
(the "Issues Report") prepared by the Commission Staff ("Staff"). As noted in prior hearings on the related complaint, Landowner has a significant interest in ensuring the proper decommissioning of the property. In its Petition to Amend , Bottle Rock Power, LLC outlines a process for establishing financial assurances to meet its obligations on(More)
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