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Intel continues to lead in innovation and the delivery of greater compute capacity to support the growing demands across the industry segments and the evolving usage models. In furthering this trend, Intel will introduce a new set of instructions called Intel ® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel ® AVX) supported by a wide range of Intel platforms starting in(More)
This paper describes one element of a broad evaluation of a hospital-wide picture archiving and communication system (PACS): an assessment of the views of users of the radiology service, their major causes of dissatisfaction with the service, the incidence of image unavailability, and the consequences of images being unavailable. The principal research(More)
Statistical Editors R Newson (UK) T M McKeever (UK) L Tata (UK) Images Editors Disclaimer: Thorax is owned and published by the British Thoracic Society and BMJ Publishing Group Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Medical Association. The owners grant editorial freedom to the Editor of Thorax. Thorax follows guidelines on editorial independence(More)
The application of conjoint measurement to the field of health economics is relatively new, although there is growing interest and there have been a number of studies undertaken recently. Wider acceptance of the technique requires methodological issues concerning both reliability and validity to be addressed. This paper reports an empirical investigation of(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate patient preferences for attributes associated with the efficacy and side-effects of treatment for osteoarthritis. METHODS A stated preference design questionnaire was administered to a sample of 412 individuals diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA). RESULTS Statistically significant attributes in(More)
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Although the wisdom of the guidelines advocated in Beyond the Best Interests of the Child for making custody and visitation decisions is widely proclaimed, the realities of existing statutes and procedural systems preclude their simple application to present-day custody cases. It is the purpose of this paper to join the efforts of others in attempting to(More)
Previous studies have identified the difficulty of communicating in virtual teams. The lack of media richness, or opportunity for using non-verbal cues, leads to misunderstood communications and may limit the development of trust. Studies have also shown that males and females are socialized to communicate differently. Males use communication in teams to(More)
As business continues to be conducted internationally, managers are expected to work in multinational environments and move from country to country (Early and Peterson 2004). Technology, globalization and travel costs have all caused organizations to rely more heavily on virtual teams (dePillis and Furumo 2007). The use of virtual teams has been used(More)
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