Mark Burrell

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Classic IR (information retrieval) is predicated on the notion of users searching for information in order to satisfy a particular “information need”. However, it is now accepted that much of what we recognize as search behaviour is often not informational per se. For example, Broder (2002) has shown that the need underlying a given web search could in fact(More)
Tonic dopamine (DA) levels influence the activity of dopaminergic neurons and the dynamics of fast dopaminergic transmission. Although carbon fiber microelectrodes and fast-scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) have been extensively used to quantify stimulus-induced release and uptake of DA in vivo and in vitro, this technique relies on background subtraction and(More)
Psychotherapists manifest a severe discrepancy between practice and preachment when they espouse rejection of a medical model of human problems and psychotherapyand accept health insurance for their work. When psychotherapists accept health insurance they classify their actions and their client's problems as medical or quasi-medical entities, confuse the(More)
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