Mark Browne

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Inadequate products, waste management, and policy are struggling to prevent plastic waste from infiltrating ecosystems [1, 2]. Disintegration into smaller pieces means that the abundance of micrometer-sized plastic (microplastic) in habitats has increased [3] and outnumbers larger debris [2, 4]. When ingested by animals, plastic provides a feasible pathway(More)
This paper describes the use of wavelet entropy as a feature extractor for robust classification of cracks in sewer pipe structures. Video image data was acquired using an infrared camera in an experimental sewer pipe setup. Video frames were partitioned into 64 * 64 pixel sections. 1,885 'crack' and 1,675 'clean' (non-crack) sections were manually(More)
The theory of competing causes involves assessing a cause of failure , such as death due to heart disease or cancer, in the presence of other competing causes. In this paper, we develop a fundamental economic model for examining the degree and order of importance in a competing cause framework. In particular, we demonstrate the usefulness of Von(More)
A customized laser combiner was designed and constructed for dual channel single molecule imaging. The feasibility of a combiner-incorporated imaging system was demonstrated in studies of single molecule FRET. Distance rulers made of dual-labeled dsDNA were used to evaluate the system by determining the distance between one FRET pair. The results showed(More)
Optical surfaces can be accurately figured by computer controlled optical surfacing (CCOS) that uses well characterized sub-diameter polishing tools driven by numerically controlled (NC) machines. The motion of the polishing tool is optimized to vary the dwell time of the polisher on the workpiece according to the desired removal and the calibrated tool(More)
An automated unsupervised technique, based upon a Bayesian framework, for the segmentation of low light level imagery is proposed. Primarily, Mixture Modelling is used to provide a baseline estimate. This estimate is then refined to consider spatial correlations using Markov Random Field (MRF) Modelling. The technique has been implemented assuming low-light(More)
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