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We have implemented a declarative debugger for Mercury that is capable of finding bugs in large, long-running programs. This debugger implements several search strategies. We discuss the implementation of two of these strategies and the conditions under which each strategy is useful.The divide and query strategy tries to minimize the number of questions(More)
Although finger touch is widely expected as the control mechanism for touch tables, tangible object interaction is another, if rarely implemented possibility. Little empirical research exists showing uptake, user engagement, or use preferences for adult users of multi-touch tangible systems (Antle & Wise, 2013; Schneider et al., 2010) with the majority(More)
Introduction Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease of the central nervous system that predominantly affects young adults during their most productive years. Pathologically, MS is characterized by the presence of areas of demyelination and T-cell predominant perivascular inflammation in the brain white matter. In order to study the effect of MS lesion(More)
Our tangible touch table interface mapping system was designed for adults to complete short map-based interactive problem solving tasks using purpose-designed model objects. The table interface was compared with the closest existing traditionally equivalent method using a within subjects exercise of 64 adult members of the general public in-situ at the(More)
We present a novel approach to 2D-3D registration from points or lines without correspondences. While there exist established solutions in the case where correspondences are known, there are many situations where it is not possible to reliably extract such correspondences across modalities, thus requiring the use of a correspondence-free registration(More)
Career opportunities in information security related fields are growing, and degree granting college programs are being created or modified to meet this increased industry demand. Paradoxically, many employers prefer either to not hire entry-level information security candidates or to require extensive experience for information security positions. While(More)