Mark Brady

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Keeping in touch with family and friends should be easier now that we have a repertoire of communication tools available to us (e.g. SMS, IM, email, mobile and landline phones). And yet many of us continue to find it difficult to maintain and manage our personal contacts. Why is this so? This paper describes a study that looked at how three different age(More)
The purpose of this systematic study was to provide an up to date and reliable quantitative summary of the relative benefits of various types of chemotherapy (non-platinum vs platinum, single-agent vs combination and carboplatin vs cisplatin) in the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer. Also, to investigate whether well-defined patient subgroups benefit(More)
Despite both the increase in basic biologic knowledge and the fact that many new agents have reached various stages of development during the last 10 years, the number of new treatments that have been approved for patients has not increased as expected. We propose the multi-arm, multi-stage trial design as a way to evaluate treatments faster and more(More)
How do we segment and recognize novel objects? When explicit cues from motion and color are available, object boundary detection is relatively easy. However, under conditions of deep camouflage, in which objects share the same image cues as their background, the visual system must reassign new functional roles to existing image statistics in order to group(More)
We present extensions to the agent-based agricultural policy simulator (AgriPoliS) model that make it possible to simulate the consequences of agricultural policy reform on farmers’ land use decisions and concomitant impacts on landscape mosaic, biodiversity and ecosystem services in a real agricultural region. An observed population of farms is modelled as(More)
Rainfall and temperature are important climatic inputs for agricultural production, especially in the context of climate change. However, accurate analysis and simulation of the joint distribution of rainfall and temperature are difficult due to possible interdependence between them. As one possible approach to this problem, five families of copula models(More)
In this paper we appraise current agricultural subsidy policy in the EU. Several sources of its inefficiency are identified: it is inefficient for supporting farmers' incomes or guaranteeing food security, and irrational transfer payments decoupled from actual performance that may be negative for environmental protection, social cohesion, etc. Based on a(More)
The Mixed Effects Mixed Distribution (MEMD) model has been proposed by Tooze and Olsen to deal with longitudinal or repeated measures with clumping at zero. This model contains two components with one modeling the probability of a nonzero value and another modeling the mean of nonzero values. The repeated measures are handled with random effects and(More)
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