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Adolescent inpatients (of whom 48 were admitted for a suicide attempt, 33 were admitted for suicidal ideation, and 53 had no history of clinically significant suicidal ideation or attempt), were interviewed while in the hospital and then followed up 6 months later. Of the 134 patients followed up, 13 (9.7%) had made a suicide attempt. The vast majority of(More)
This paper describes a study in which progressive relaxation, EMG frontalis biofeedback, and a biofeedback placebo manipulation were compared in the treatment of severe insomnia with 40 chronically sleep-disturbed adult patients. Progressive relaxation and EMG biofeedback led to significant reductions in both reported sleep-onset latency and depressive(More)
BACKGROUND Various markers are used to identify the unique sub-population of breast cancer cells with stem cell properties. Whether these markers are expressed in all breast cancers, identify the same population of cells, or equate to therapeutic response is controversial. METHODS We investigated the expression of multiple cancer stem cell markers in(More)
OBJECTIVE This case-control study attempts to evaluate the psychological impact of witnessing a suicide on high school students. METHOD Twenty-eight high school students witnessed a firearms suicide and the serious injury of another student while riding a school bus. They were assessed 2 months after the event, and their responses were compared with 28(More)
The increasing importance of educational collaborations and networks that blur organizational boundaries requires conceptual developments in leadership theory. One approach to both theorizing and promoting such phenomena is through the idea of system leadership. Three different meanings of the term are identified: interschool leadership; a systemic(More)
We have investigated the expression of insulin-like growth factor I receptors (IGFR) by the ZR-75-1 human breast cancer cell line and tamoxifen-resistant (ZR-75-9a1) and oestrogen-independent (ZR-PR-LT) variants. ZR-75-1 cells expressed 6633+/-953 receptors per cell,(K(d) 0.24+/-0.06 nM). IGFR expression was reduced in ZR-75-9a1 cells (1180+/-614 receptors(More)
The concept of legitimate peripheral participation was developed by considering informal learning contexts. However, its applicability to school classrooms is problematic. This is particularly so when teacher centred and decontextualised procedural practices predominate as they do in usual school mathematics classrooms. Different meanings of participation(More)
There has been considerable interest in the teaching of mathematics over the last two decades, both internationally and in the UK. This has led to a number of government sponsored interventions in both curriculum and teacher professional development. The establishment of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) in 2006,(More)
Actor-network theory is a way of describing and understanding the complexity of social change. This article explores its relevance to understanding teacher change in mathematics education by considering a single teacher change narrative. This is centred on a veteran teacher of mathematics who participated in a teacher led, teacher-educator-supported(More)