Mark Boulton

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The morphological and spectral characteristics of purified populations of melanosomes and lipofuscin granules from the human retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) were studied with respect to donor age. All melanosome and lipofuscin fractions exhibited the typical ultrastructural appearance associated with these granules. Absorption profiles of both melanin and(More)
Purpose. To determine whether the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) exhibits any substantial phototoxicity and, if so, which arc the major cbromophorcs involved. M&o&. Intact human RF'E cells were isolated from the posterior poles of human and bovine eyes. Lipofoscm and melanosome granules were also isolated from human donor eyes. Action spectra of oxygen(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether lipofuscin is detrimental to lysosomal and antioxidant function in cultured human retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells. METHODS Isolated lipofuscin granules were fed to confluent RPE cultures and the cells maintained in basal medium for 7 days. Parallel cultures were established that did not receive lipofuscin. Cultures were(More)
The Data Activated Liu 1 Graph Engine — DALiuGE 2 — is an execution framework for processing large astronomical datasets at a scale required by the Square Kilometre Array Phase 1 (SKA1). It includes an interface for expressing complex data reduction pipelines consisting of both data sets and algorithmic components and an implementation run-time to execute(More)
Executive summary All explosive volcanic eruptions generate volcanic ash, fragments of rock that are produced when magma or vent material is explosively disintegrated. Volcanic ash is then convected upwards within the eruption column and carried downwind, falling out of suspension and potentially affecting communities across hundreds, or even thousands, of(More)
Purpose: To compare the histhologic changes in the retina and chowid, between the continuous and pulsed-wave photocoagulation by diode laser in pigmented rabbits. The r6petitivepulse photocoagulation could prove to be a promising technique for several pathologies in the ocular fundus. Methods: Continuous and pulsed diode-laser transpupillary(More)
Pwwse We introduce a program to study the essential dependencies between measurable and unmeasurable parameters of retinal microcirculation in a more sophisticated way. Methods The retinal vessel system is divided in four quadrants, each with five parts of vessels, which consist of parallel connected vessels with similar physiological relations in each(More)
Purpose. To determine growth factor levels in individual vitrectomy samples from insulin-d ependent and non-insulin dependent diabetics (IDDM & NIDDM) and to correlate such levels with a) the type of diabetes and b) neovascular activity. Me&m! Over 70 vitreous gel samples wem obtained from diabetic patients with proliferative retinopathy and non-diabetic ("(More)