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Organisations are increasingly looking to realise the benefits of shared services yet there is little guidance available as to the best way to proceed. A framework is presented that considers the service provided, the design of the shared services centre and the organisational context it sits within. Case studies that examine the relevance of that framework(More)
Aggregating demand may provide a route to realizing many of the benefits of outsourcing for those organizations too small to embrace it alone. Case studies of four joint service providers (JSPs) in the Australian public sector however highlight how the providers' organizational and environmental context can influence success. Key differences that(More)
It is suggested that a motivation for the formation of shared services partnerships (SSPs) in local government is to manage dependencies on other levels of government. A framework that links the composition of a shared services partnership, its effectiveness and dependency management is proposed. A case study of an SSP between four local councils in(More)
Shared services have been embraced by the private, and increasingly, the public sectors. Yet implementation has often proved to be difficult and the factors which are critical to success are not yet well understood. In this paper existing research in the area of critical success factors (CSFs) is examined and it is suggested that that research actually(More)
for-quote process, we need access to much more sophisticated parts databases. For example, in the commercial sector, no attempts have yet been made at standardizing the names and definitions of commodities (for US government buys this has been done with Federal Supply Classes). Without a standard nomenclature, any attempt at combining different vendors'(More)