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This paper extends prior work in model-based verification and describes interface-driven analysis that combines with a requirement model to support automated generation of Java test scripts. It describes concepts of models and test driver mappings using examples for testing security functionality of an Oracle database using Java and Structured Query(More)
Security functional testing is a costly activity typically performed by security evaluation laboratories. These laboratories have struggled to keep pace with increasing demand to test numerous product variations. This paper summarizes the results of applying a model-based approach to automate functional security testing. The approach involves developing(More)
Critical Software systems must recover when they experience degradation, either through external actors or internal system failures. There is currently no accepted generic methodology used by the software engineering community to design self-healing systems. Such systems identify when they require healing resources, and then change their own behavior to(More)
Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are increasingly relied on to provide functionality and value to products, systems, and infrastructure in sectors including transportation (aviation, automotive, rail, and marine), health care, manufacturing, and electrical power generation and distribution. [1] In this paper, we describe the critical importance of systems(More)
Independent security functional testing on a product occupies a backseat in traditional security evaluation because of the cost and stringent coverage requirements. In this paper we present the details of an approach we have developed to automate security functional testing. The underlying framework is called TAF (Test Automation Framework) and the toolkit(More)
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