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A series of 300 consecutive stereotactic biopsies for intra-axial brain lesions performed by one neurosurgeon was critically analyzed regarding complications of the procedure. Complications were incurred by a total of 19 patients (6.3%). Five patients (1.7%) died following the procedure, all due to intracranial hypertension: one from subarachnoid(More)
The apparent unruliness of contemporary hypertexts arises, in part, from our lack of a vocabulary to describe hypertext structures. From observation of a variety of actual hypertexts, we identify a variety of common structural patterns that may prove useful for description, analysis, and perhaps for design of complex hypertexts. These patterns include:(More)
Tinderbox, a hypertext tool for making, analyzing, and sharing notes, explores the use of collage to build and share linked conceptual structures. Adopting a simple, regular data structure that exploits prototype inheritance and transclusion, Tinderbox helps build malleable, personal documents that are partially self-organizing.
OBJECT Many neurosurgeons routinely obtain computerized tomography (CT) scans to rule out hemorrhage in patients after stereotactic procedures. In the present prospective study, the authors investigated the rate of silent hemorrhage and delayed deterioration after stereotactic biopsy sampling and the role of postbiopsy CT scanning. METHODS A subset of(More)
This study was conducted to determine the safety and efficacy of multilevel anterior cervical corpectomy and stabilization using fibular allograft in patients with cervical myelopathy. Thirty-six patients underwent this procedure for cervical myelopathy caused by spondylosis (20 patients), ossified posterior longitudinal ligament (four patients), trauma(More)
A retrospective clinical and pathological review of 905 consecutive brain tumor cases (excluding pituitary adenoma and recurrent tumor) was conducted to identify cases in which intratumoral hemorrhage was confirmed grossly and/or pathologically. There were 132 cases so identified, for an overall tumor hemorrhage rate of 14.6%; of these, 5.4% were classified(More)
Annals and chronicles may be the foundation of accounting, but writers of stories and histories have long known that they seldom render a satisfactory account of complex events. In place of a simple chronological list, narrative instead organizes our account in new sequences in order to illuminate the interplay of actors and events. We want hypertext(More)