Mark Berliner

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of moderate beer consumption on lipid metabolism and antioxidant activity in patients (pts) with coronary artery disease (CAD). SUBJECTS Forty-eight male pts with CAD not alcohol beverages consumers were randomly divided into experimental (EG) and control (CG) groups, 24 pts each. SETTING(More)
Spatio-temporal processes are ubiquitous in the environmental and physical sciences. This is certainly true of atmospheric and oceanic processes, which typically exhibit many di erent scales of spatial and temporal variability. The complexity of these processes and large number of observation/prediction locations preclude the use of traditional(More)
Boundary value problems are ubiquitous in the atmospheric and ocean sciences. Typical settings include bounded, partially bounded, global and limited area domains, discretized for applications of numerical models of the relevant fluid equations. Often, limited area models are constructed to interpret intensive datasets collected over a specific region, from(More)
The study of chaotic behavior has received substantial attention in many disciplines. Although often based on deterministic models, chaos is associated with complex, "random" behavior and forms of unpredictability. Mathematical models and definitions associated with chaos are reviewed. The relationship between the mathematics of chaos and probabilistic(More)
We examined 134 male patients with confirmed ankylosing spondylitis. The study protocol included a medical-rheumatological examination and thorough exploration for infections of the urinogential tract. An urethroadnexitis was found in 37 of 134 patients (27.6%): Two patients suffered from balanitis, 17 patients from urethritis, 18 patients from prostatitis,(More)
We evaluated relapse-free survival and the incidence and type of complications in 17 patients aged 40 or older with chronic myelogenous leukemia, acute myelogenous leukemia, or lymphoma who underwent allogeneic marrow transplantation following busulfan 16 mg/kg and cyclophosphamide 120 mg/kg. Nine patients are disease-free survivors 5-38 months (median 26(More)
We consider a class of Bayesian dynamic models that involve switching among various regimes. As an example we produce a model for a runoff time series exhibiting pulsatile behavior. This model is a mixture of three autoregressive models which accommodate “rising,” “falling,” and “normal” states in the runoff process. The mechanism for switching among(More)