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Traditionally, Systems Analysis and Design (SAD) research has focused on ways of working and ways of modeling. Design ecology – the task, organizational and political context surrounding design – is less well understood. In particular, relationships between design routines and products within ecologies have not received sufficient attention. In this paper,(More)
This paper addresses the political nature of requirements for large systems, and argues that requirements engineering theory and practice must become more engaged with these issues. It argues that large-scale system requirements is constructed through a political decision process, whereby requirements emerge as a set of mappings between consecutive solution(More)
Project design involves an initial selection of technologies, which has strong consequences for later stages of design. In this paper we describe an ethnographic-based field work study of a complex organization, and how it addressed the issue of front-end project and technology selection. Formal procedures were designed for the organization to perform(More)
There has been sparse study of how requirements analysis is performed in situ, i.e. by organizations building large, complex systems. We assert that a better understanding of in situ requirements practice is necessary to improve and ground current theories of requirements analysis. We performed an empirical field study to examine in detail the issues faced(More)
The unpredictability of business processes requires that workflow systems support exception handling with the ability to dynamically adapt to the changing environment. Traditional approaches to handling this problem have fallen short, providing little support for change, particularly once the process has begun execution. Further, exceptions vary widely in(More)
The relationship between project selection and requirements analysis is important, yet has not received much attention. The decisions made during project selection directly affect and frame a project's requirements analysis. In current practice, it is expected that requirements analysis begins after project selection has occurred. Yet, we know little(More)
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