Mark Becker

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We have designed a research platform for a perceptually guided robot, which also serves as a demonstrator for a coming generation of service robots. In order to operate semi-autonomously, these require a capacity for learning about their environment and tasks, and will have to interact directly with their human operators. Thus, they must be supplied with(More)
The dominant s c i e n tiic methodology for short term forecasting in important elections uses trial-heat polls, in which a sample of respondents report their current electoral preferences. Election markets, where self-selected participants trade shares of candidates at prices predictive of election day results, provide an alternative forecasting method.(More)
In a classic statement, Hauser and Duncan (1959) defined demography as " the study of the size, territorial distribution , and composition of population, changes therein, and the components of such changes " (p. 2). It was fortunate that Hauser and Duncan explicitly included " composition of population " and " changes therein " in their definition, for(More)
The authors present the Minnesota Heart Failure Criteria (MHFC), derived using latent class analysis from widely available items in the Framingham Criteria. The authors used 1995 and 2000 data on hospitalized Minnesota Heart Survey subjects discharged after myocardial infarction or heart failure (N = 7,379). Selected Framingham Criteria variables (dyspnea,(More)
The objective of the NASA Global Climate Change Education (GCCE) project is to provide educators at the elementary, secondary, and undergraduate levels the tools and resources to access NASA climate information and related Earth system information, in order to engage students in critical thinking about global climate change and the potential impacts on(More)
Heidrick & Struggles advises client organizations on the basis of an exclusive consulting assignment. The following details are for personal review and should be kept confidential. Georgia State University (" GSU ") is the largest institution in the state with more than 50,000 students. In the Fall 2015 State of the University address, the President of GSU,(More)
When a change occurs during steady viewing it produces a transient that attracts attention, thereby allowing an observer to notice the change. If, however, a change occurs simultaneously with the onset of a set of distractors, the distractors also produce transients that compete for attention, the change becomes difficult to detect resulting in "change(More)