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Data from the 1998 Workplace Employee Relations Survey are analysed to investigate the processes and outcomes of pay setting for the largest occupational group in a representative sample of all but the smallest British workplaces. The effects of inflation, changes in labour demand and supply, comparability and up-skilling are all examined. Trade unions(More)
1 We are grateful to the following for helpful comments and discussions during the preparation of this report, but they are not responsible for remaining errors: also like to acknowledge my debt to Tudor Rickards, Professor of Creativity at Manchester Business School, for introducing me to some of the fascinating work in that field.
Acknowledgments The research contained in this paper was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation Work and Family Life Programme. Joseph Rowntree Foundation will be publishing an overview Report covering the results of this and several other papers on aspects of our analyses. This paper is one of a number, therefore, intended to provide technical details to(More)
A new genus of Bruchinae, Buburra Reid & Beatson, is erected for a single new species, B. jeanae Reid & Beatson. Buburra is endemic to Australia where it is known from a single site at high altitude in Victoria. The hostplant is unknown. Buburra is placed in the tribe Pachymerini. A key is provided for identification of the 12 genera of Bruchinae in(More)
Three new species of Chrysomelidae with extraordinary extensions of the male mandibles are described: Scaphodius drehu sp. nov. and S. ferox sp. nov. (Cryptocephalinae), from New Caledonia, and Chaloenus gajah sp. nov. (Galerucinae), from Borneo. Designation of the type species of Chaloenus Westwood, 1861, is clarified. Synonymy of Scaphodius Chapuis, 1874,(More)
The ability of trade unions to raise pay levels is well established, but the contraction of the union sector in Britain calls this into question. Analysis of the 1998 Workplace Employee Relations Survey shows that there is still a union premium for some employees covered by collective bargaining and that this effect spills over to other employees in the(More)
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