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BACKGROUND Moderate-severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is increasingly being understood as a progressive disorder, with growing evidence of reduced brain volume and white matter (WM) integrity as well as lesion expansion in the chronic phases of injury. The scale of these losses has yet to be investigated, and pattern of change across structures has(More)
Severe amotivation, apathy, and abulia, significantly retard rehabilitation following traumatic brain injury. Preliminary, uncontrolled research has suggested possible benefit with amantadine for this behavioural syndrome. This N of 1, double-blind, placebo-controlled study employed amantadine 100 mg three times daily in one such patient. Therapists and(More)
Recent studies suggest that projected rises of aquatic CO2 levels cause acid-base regulatory responses in fishes that lead to altered GABAergic neurotransmission and disrupted behaviour, threatening fitness and population survival. It is thought that changes in Cl(-) and HCO3 (-) gradients across neural membranes interfere with the function of GABA-gated(More)
The locomotor activity of adult specimens of the wolf spider Pardosa amentata was measured in an open-field setup, using computer-automated colour object video tracking. The x,y coordinates of the animal in the digitized image of the test arena were recorded three times per second during four consecutive 12-h periods, alternating between white and red(More)
Fish anaesthesia is used to minimize handling stress and damage during harvesting, transportation, and surgical procedures. Through depression of cardiovascular and respiratory functions, it causes significant changes in blood gases and pH. Here, we present the effects of benzocaine (100 mg l−1), MS-222 (100 mg l−1), and Aqui-S (30 mg l−1) on blood gases(More)
Though air-breathing has probably evolved mainly as a response to hypoxia, it may provide an important oxygen supplement when metabolism is elevated, as for example during swimming. Due to the increased travelling distance involved when an air-breathing fish swims to and from the surface, and the increased drag when the surface is breached, it can be(More)
The ABIKUS Project Leaders would like to acknowledge the enormous contribution in terms of time and effort which was given by the ABIKUS Guideline Development Group. We are also grateful to those individuals who have provided constructive comments and feedback on successive drafts. Medical Director, Neuro Rehabilitation Program Toronto Rehabilitation(More)
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