Mark Barry

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Stress experience during adolescence has been linked to the development of psychiatric disorders in adulthood, many of which are associated with impairments in prefrontal cortex function. The current study was designed to determine the immediate and enduring effects of repeated social stress on a prefrontal cortex-dependent cognitive task. Early adolescent(More)
This paper presents an original methodology for use of Verilog-AMS and SystemC to model a highly integrated wireless transceiver. Novel structures allow the model to be reconfigurable for extensive early architectural analysis and easy re-mapping to new wireless standards and applications. Matlab plots are used to demonstrate the usefulness of the model(More)
An iterative method for the fit optimisation of a pre-contoured fracture fixation plate for a given bone data set is presented. Both plate shape optimisation and plate fit quantification are conducted in a virtual environment utilising computer graphical methods and 3D bone and plate models. Two optimised shapes of the undersurface of an existing distal(More)
The age of stressor exposure can determine its neurobehavioral impact. For example, exposure of adolescent male rats to resident-intruder stress impairs cognitive flexibility in adulthood. The current study examined the impact of this stressor in female rats. Rats were exposed to resident-intruder stress during early adolescence (EA), mid-adolescence (MA)(More)
BACKGROUND The management of unruptured aneurysms is controversial, with the decision to treat influenced by aneurysm characteristics including size and morphology. Aneurysmal bleb formation is thought to be associated with an increased risk of rupture. OBJECTIVE To correlate computational fluid dynamic (CFD) indices with bleb formation. METHODS(More)
Our turbulent lengthscale, velocity and diffusivity scalings are compared with data from other numerical, laboratory and field experiments. Comparison is made with reference to the turbulence intensity measure /νN 2. We showed that our turbulent lengthscale and velocity results are consistent with measurements from the experiments considered, and that the(More)
Invasive aspergillosis can be difficult to diagnose, and early recognition and initiation of therapy is imperative for improving patient outcomes. A case of invasive Aspergillus laryngotracheobronchitis is presented here with a review of the relevant literature. A 58-year-old male undergoing treatment for CNS lymphoma presented with neutropenic sepsis and(More)
BACKGROUND Operating room to intensive care unit handoffs are high-risk events for critically ill patients. Studies in selected patient populations show that standardizing operating room to intensive care unit handoffs improves information exchange and decreases errors. To adapt these findings to mixed surgical populations, we propose to study the(More)
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