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The purpose of this study was to assess the reliability of a pre-loaded 1 500-m treadmill time trial, conducted in moderate normobaric hypoxia. 8 trained runners/triathletes (24±3 years, 73.2±8.1 kg, 182.5±6.5 cm, altitude specific V˙O2max: 52.9±5.5 ml·kg(-1)·min(-1)) completed 3 trials (the first as a familiarisation), involving 2, 15-min running bouts at(More)
PURPOSE Alfentanil is a high potency mu opiate receptor agonist commonly used during presurgical induction of anesthesia. This and other opiate receptor agonists have demonstrated proconvulsant effects in animals, but these properties have been less consistently demonstrated in humans. Most human scalp EEG studies have failed to demonstrate induction of(More)
SUMMARY This report describes an ultrasound-guided medial and lateral pectoralis nerve block using liposome bupivacaine, performed before the surgical incision, in a patient undergoing submuscular breast augmentation. The anatomic basis and technique are described. This procedure may be offered to patients undergoing submuscular insertion of a breast(More)
Recordings from two different types of subdural pressure monitor with simultaneous intraventricular pressure (IVP) tracings are compared in 20 head-injured patients. In the first 10 patients a fluid-filled catheter was placed subdurally and connected to an external transducer, and in the second 10 the Gaeltec model ICT/b solid state miniature transducer was(More)
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