Mark Banfield

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Resilience is arguably the most important property of a net-worked system, one of the three quality of service (QoS) characteristics along with security and performance. Now that computer networks are supporting many of the applications crucial to the success of the emerging Information Society – including business, health care, education, science, and(More)
—A flash crowd event can be characterised by a dramatic increase in requests for a service over a relatively short period of time. Often, these events lead to a loss of service because of the saturation of the target server and associated network resources. This paper presents a set of mechanisms that can be used to make Web servers and associated resources(More)
Active Networking (AN) involves the processing of programs in heterogeneous networking environments. There are several AN solutions , exposing different APIs and using different languages, and each may be appropriate for different tasks such as high-speed multimedia processing or low-speed routing adjustments. We describe our active node system, LANode,(More)
Additional network complexity driven by the demand for new broadband services increases the need for network control and management signalling. This paper takes stock of this trend and suggests an approach within the context of IEEE P.1520 to separate signalling and associated broadband intelligent services from multimedia data transport so that each may be(More)
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