Mark B . Wise

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We propose a mechanism for stabilizing the size of the extra dimension in the Randall-Sundrum scenario. The potential for the modulus field that sets the size of the fifth dimension is generated by a bulk scalar with quartic interactions localized on the two 3-branes. The minimum of this potential yields a compactification scale that solves the hierarchy(More)
We extend the notion of Minimal Flavor Violation to the lepton sector. We introduce a symmetry principle which allows us to express lepton flavor violation in the charged lepton sector in terms of neutrino masses and mixing angles. We explore the dependence of the rates for flavor changing radiative charged lepton decays (li → ljγ) and μ-to-e conversion in(More)
Higher order terms in the effective action of noncommutative gauge theories exhibit generalizations of the ?-product (e.g. ?′ and ?3). These terms do not manifestly respect the noncommutative gauge invariance of the tree level action. In U(1) gauge theories, we note that these generalized ?-products occur in the expansion of some quantities that are(More)
Experimental discovery of the dilaton would provide strong evidence for string theory. A light dilaton could show up in current tests of the inverse square law for gravity at sub-millimeter distances. In the large extra dimension scenario, KaluzaKlein excitations of the dilaton can also contribute to the cooling of supernovae. In order to quantify these(More)
The instability of historical risk factor correlations renders their use in estimating portfolio risk extremely questionable. In periods of market stress correlations of risk factors have a tendency to quickly go well beyond estimated values. For instance, in times of severe market stress, one would expect with certainty to see the correlation of yield(More)
We explore the phenomenology of a stabilized modulus field in the RandallSundrum scenario. It is found that if the large separation between branes arises from a small bulk scalar mass then the modulus (i.e. radion) is likely to be lighter than the lowest Kaluza-Klein excitations of bulk fields, and consequently may be the first direct signature of the(More)
Momentum space Ward identities are derived for the amputated n-point Green’s functions in 3 + 1 dimensional non-relativistic conformal field theory. For n = 4 and 6 the implications for scattering amplitudes (i.e. on-shell amputated Green’s functions) are considered. Any scale invariant 2-to-2 scattering amplitude is also conformally invariant. However,(More)
We show that the observed path of a particle in quantum mechanics is a fractal curve with Hausdorff dimension two. Submitted to the American Journal of Physics * Work supported in part by the Department of Energy under contract number DE-AC03-76SF00515. t Supported in part by the Department of Energy under contract number E(ll-1)3230. § Supported in part by(More)