Mark B. Williams

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Digital mammography systems allow manipulation of fine differences in image contrast by means of image processing algorithms. Different display algorithms have advantages and disadvantages for the specific tasks required in breast imaging-diagnosis and screening. Manual intensity windowing can produce digital mammograms very similar to standard screen-film(More)
The substitution of digital representations for analog images provides access to methods for digital storage and transmission and enables the use of a variety of digital image processing techniques, including enhancement and computer assisted screening and diagnosis. Lossy compression can further improve the efficiency of transmission and storage and can(More)
The respiratory tract is a primary site of infection and exposure to environmental antigens and an important site of memory T cell localization. We analyzed the migration and retention of naive and activated CD8+ T cells within the noninflamed lungs and quantitated the partitioning of adoptively transferred T cells between the pulmonary vascular and(More)
Abbreviations: ANOVA ϭ analysis of variance CLAHE ϭ contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalization HIW ϭ histogram-based intensity windowing MIW ϭ manual intensity windowing MMIW ϭ mixture model intensity windowing MUSICA ϭ multiscale image contrast amplification 1 PURPOSE: To determine the preferences of radiologists among eight different image(More)
The adhesion molecules involved in the migration and retention of activated effector CD8 T cells in the lung microcirculation and their recruitment into lung tissue are largely unknown. Here, we have analyzed the role of lymphocyte function-associated antigen-1 (LFA-1) and very late antigen-4 (VLA-4) on adhesion of influenza hemagglutinin (HA)-specific CD8(More)
This article on digital radiography image processing and display is the second of two articles written as part of an intersociety effort to establish image quality standards for digital and computed radiography. The topic of the other paper is digital radiography image acquisition. The articles were developed collaboratively by the ACR, the American(More)
The effects of unilateral naris closure, for 1-6 months, on the olfactory bulbs of adult mice were investigated in 3 experiments. The bulbs on the closed, or deprived, sides were smaller in a total of 68 out of 73 mice. Experiment 1 revealed a significant overall difference in cross-sectional areas of the open and closed-side bulbs of 6-, 8- or 12-week(More)