Mark B. Schmidt

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This article describes an attempt to infect two new Dell WindowsXP-SP2 PCs (named Grease and Grime) with spyware and examines the results of the spyware infections. Each PC carried Symantec Antivirus, Spyware Doctor 3.1 (Doc), Spybot Search and Destroy 1.3 (SSD), and Sandra 2005 software, but no inoculation options were active during the infection(More)
Despite the recent increased attention afforded malware by the popular press, there appears to be a dearth in user awareness and understanding of certain aspects of the security paradigm. This article presents a comparison of user awareness levels of rootkits, spyware, and viruses between U.S. and Chinese users. The results of a survey of 210 U.S.(More)
Growth factors may enhance current cartilage repair techniques via multiple mechanisms including recruitment of chondrogenic cells (chemotaxis), stimulation of chondrogenic cell proliferation (mitogenesis) and enhancement of cartilage matrix synthesis. Two growth factors that have been studied in cartilage repair are insulin-like growth factor (IGF) and(More)
Despite numerous advances in IT security, many computer users are still vulnerable to security-related risks because they do not comply with organizational policies and procedures. In a network setting, individual risk can extend to all networked users. Endpoint security refers to the set of organizational policies, procedures, and practices directed at(More)
The delivery of educational content via a web browser over the Internet anytime and anywhere is emerging as a new education channel. Today's rapidly changing technological environment demands that faculty maintain technological currency. Computer based and other tutorials have demonstrated success in helping faculty maintain technological competence and(More)
Technology adoption by individuals has traditionally been regarded by information systems researchers as a choice between adoption and non-adoption of a single technology. With the current diversity of technology alternatives, the adoption decision may be more accurately specified as a choice between competing alternative technologies. The research question(More)