Mark B. Edwards

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It has been argued that temporal and spatial position information are represented similarly, but prior research comparing their time course of retrieval with item information has not supported this conclusion. The time course of retrieval was compared for spatial position and item information in 3 response signal experiments, and differences were found in(More)
Air traffic controllers participated in high-fidelity simulations of en route air traffic, either singly or with a second team member. The observed stream of time-stamped behaviors and communication events was analyzed using the Pathfinder scaling algorithm, which provides a directional graph of the latent structure in the data. The graphs were found to be(More)
A simulation of an air traffic control task was the setting for an investigation of the functions of external cues in prospective memory. External cues can support the triggering of an action or memory for the content of the action. We focused on memory for the content, and manipulated the temporal characteristics of the external cue to disentangle two(More)