Mark Attridge

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This study explored how experiencing a traumatic event in the workplace affects employee physical health, mental health, personal functioning, and work performance. Post-event use of health care services and the effectiveness of critical incident stress debriefing sessions and other coping interventions were also examined. A retrospective self-report(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper introduces the special issue of the Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry on the theme of how multiple factors in early brain and biological development can influence a variety of outcomes in mental health and addictions in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. METHOD In Part 1, we preview three papers in(More)
BACKGROUND Major depression is a prevalent mental disorder and imposes considerable burden on health and productivity. Men are not immune to major depression, yet they often delay seeking help because of perceived stigma and gender norms. E-mental health programs hold potential for early prevention of major depression. However, we have little knowledge(More)
BACKGROUND Major depression (MDE) is prevalent in men and affects men's health and productivity. Because of the stigma against depression and social/gender norms, men are less likely to seek help for emotion and stress-related issues. Therefore, innovative solutions tailored for men are needed. With rapid development of the Internet and information(More)
BACKGROUND Access to technologically mediated information and services under the umbrella of mental and physical health has become increasingly available to clients via Internet modalities, according to a recent study. In May 2010, video counseling was added to the counseling services offered through the Employee and Family Assistance Program at Shepell·fgi(More)
The research results are clear: Once people with mental health disorders access a provider, treatments are generally effective at restoring better mental health and work functioning. In addition, the net financial cost savings from mental health treatment also have a strong evidence base. And numerous sources provide credible, high-quality, evidence-based(More)
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