Mark Ashamalla

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PURPOSE Hot flashes are common side effect due to androgen ablation therapy (AAT). The utility of acupuncture for hot flashes in men has not been thoroughly studied. We prospectively studied the effect of acupuncture in men with hot flashes. METHODS AND MATERIALS The study was approved by internal review board. Seventeen men with hot flashes and history(More)
PURPOSE The EphA2 tyrosine kinase is frequently overexpressed in human tumors that are also treated with radiation. However, few studies have examined the effect of radiation on the EphA2 receptor itself. The purpose of this project was to investigate the impact of radiation on EphA2 to better understand mechanisms of radioresistance. MATERIALS AND(More)
With the help of the principles of rapid eye movement sleep and nocturnal penile tumescence, 14 patients who underwent transurethral prostatectomy were studied by monitoring the electroencephalograph, electro-oculograph and penile plethysmograph activity preoperatively and postoperatively. No instance of complete loss of penile erection was found(More)
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