Mark Archambeault

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We present a novel instrumentation system for studying tendon and spinal reflexes using a commercial linear servo-motor as a precisely controlled tendon hammer. The system uses a LabVIEW-based program to both control electrical or mechanical stimuli and record and measure the resulting M and H waves. The hammer can deliver tendon taps with selected(More)
Although most muscle spindle investigations have used the cat model and invasive measurement techniques, several investigators have used microneurography to record from the Ia and II fibres in humans during tendon vibration. In these studies the muscle spindle primary endings are stimulated using transverse vibration of the tendon at reflex sub-threshold(More)
We have developed a module to be inserted in-line between electroencephalography (EEG) electrodes and any standard EEG headbox that will prevent amplifier saturation during transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). By preventing amplifier saturation TMS evoked potentials (EPs) seen in the millisecond range immediately following TMS can be collected(More)
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