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As obesity prevention becomes an increasing health priority in many countries, including Australia and New Zealand, the challenge that governments are now facing is how to adopt a systematic policy approach to increase healthy eating and regular physical activity. This article sets out a structure for systematically identifying areas for obesity prevention(More)
While the causes of obesity are well known traditional education and treatment strategies do not appear to be making an impact. One solution as part of a broader complimentary set of strategies may be regulatory intervention at local government level to create environments for healthy nutrition and increased physical activity. Semi structured interviews(More)
INTRODUCTION Policy and regulatory interventions aimed at creating environments more conducive to physical activity (PA) are an important component of strategies to improve population levels of PA. However, many potentially effective policies are not being broadly implemented. This study sought to identify potential policy/regulatory interventions targeting(More)
Iododoxorubicin 80 mg m-2 i.v. was given 3 weekly for a maximum of six cycles as first-line chemotherapy to 14 evaluable women with metastatic breast cancer. The response rate was 14% (95% confidence intervals 4-40%); median time to progression was 3.5 months (range 0.7 to > 9.3) and median survival was 10.2 months (range 2.3 to > 20.4). Neutropenia was the(More)
Stem cells, that is, cells that can both reproduce themselves and differentiate into functional cell types, attract much interest as potential aids to healing and disease therapy. Embryonic neural crest is pluripotent and generates the peripheral nervous system, melanocytes, and some connective tissues. Neural-crest-related stem cells have been reported(More)
The environmental sustainability (ES) of food systems is a critical challenge for policy makers. This is a highly contested policy area with differing views among stakeholders. The aim of the study was to develop a better understanding of how ES considerations are addressed in Australian food and nutrition policies and the way that consultation processes(More)
  • Elizabeth N Saunders, Robert Adcock, Deborah Avant, Davy Banks, Jonathan Caverley, Rafaela Dancygier +22 others
  • 2009
tentious issues in U.S. foreign policy has been the use of military force to intervene in the domestic affairs of other states. U.S. military interventions since 1945 have varied signiªcantly, however, in how deeply they intrude on the domestic institutions of target states. Some interventions involved signiªcant interference in other states' domestic(More)
BACKGROUND Policy is frequently identified in the behavioural nutrition and physical activity research literature as a necessary component of effective research and practice. The purpose of this commentary is to promote a dialogue to contribute towards the further development of conceptual understandings and theories of the relationship between policy(More)
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