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Several studies demonstrate that women are more sensitive to experimental pain than men. In addition, women exhibit greater temporal summation of heat and mechanically evoked pain. Since temporal summation of pain is centrally mediated, its greater expression in women suggests a central nociceptive hyperexcitability relative to men. The purpose of this(More)
Beginning at either 1.5, 6 or 10 months of age, male mice from the A/J and C57BL/6J strains and their F1 hybrid, B6AF1/J were fed a diet (4.2 kcal/g) either ad libitum every day or in a restricted fashion by ad libitum feeding every other day. Relative to estimates for ad libitum controls, the body weights of the intermittently-fed restricted C57BL/6J and(More)
AIMS Previous work suggests that hyperexcitability of central nociceptive neurons may play a role in the pain of temporomandibular disorders (TMD). The aim of this study was to test this theory by assessing differences, between myalgic TMD patients and pain-free controls, in temporal summation of mechanically evoked pain and aftersensations following(More)
CONTEXT Inflammatory periodontal diseases exhibit an association with multiple systemic conditions. Currently, there is a lack of consensus among experts on the nature of these associations and confusion among health care providers and the public on how to interpret this rapidly growing body of science. This article overviews the current evidence linking(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnosis and management of acute ischemic stroke are limited by the lack of rapid diagnostic assays for use in an emergency setting. Computed tomography (CT) scanning is used to diagnose hemorrhagic stroke but is relatively ineffective (<33% sensitive) in detecting ischemic stroke. The ability to correlate blood-borne protein biomarkers with(More)
BACKGROUND Bone replacement grafts (BRG) are widely used in the treatment of periodontal osseous defects; however, the clinical benefits of this therapeutic practice require further clarification through a systematic review of randomized controlled studies. RATIONALE The purpose of this systematic review is to access the efficacy of bone replacement(More)
BACKGROUND Factors influencing the outcome of regenerative therapy of Class II furcations are incompletely and poorly understood. The purpose of this 24-month prospective study was to examine the relationship of patient-, site-, and treatment-related factors to the clinical closure of randomly selected mandibular Class II furcations. Results of therapy were(More)
The performance of male A/J and C57BL/6J mice from three age groups (4, 18, and 24 months) was observed in a battery of tests designed to assess age-related impairments in motor abilities. A/J mice were superior to C57BL/6J mice in tasks requiring upper body strength, such as tests of grip strength and tightrope performance. C57BL/6J mice were superior(More)
BACKGROUND Combined regenerative approaches have been used for treating advanced osseous lesions around teeth. The aim of combining treatments is to enhance both clinical predictability and regenerative outcome compared to a monotherapeutic approach. This case series from a private practice reports on the clinical efficacy of an enamel matrix derivative(More)