Mark-Alain Levi

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To examine whether exercise-induced thrombin formation is accompanied by increased in vivo plasmin formation, we measured molecular markers and neoantigens of the hemostatic system in 10 male subjects (mean 29 yr. range 19-38) before, immediately after, and 2, 8, and 21 h after a triathlon lasting 128-163 min. Thrombin-antithrombin (TAT) complexes,(More)
The ability of a tumour to become simultaneously resistant to different drugs is known as multidrug resistance and is often due to the expression of ATP-dependent binding cassette transporters (ABC-transporters) such as P-glycoprotein (PGP) and breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP). In this study, the expression of PGP and BCRP was determined in the(More)
Lameness related to growth plate lesions is an important problem in the beef industry. This article describes the macroscopic and microscopic lesions in the distal metatarsal physis of bulls from an association of farmers in northeastern Italy. The metatarsal bones of 62 bulls (12 with severe lameness and 50 without lameness), average age 16.44 ± 1.72(More)
BACKGROUND Based on knowledge and methods from cognitive psychology and behavioural economics we introduced 'Gentle reminder.' This procedure calls for public planning of safety norms, and an agreement of all team members to help each other to adhere to this plan. METHODS Team members agree to gently remind their coworkers every time they deviate from the(More)
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