Mark Adkins

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Strategic planning is a critical part of establishing an organization's direction. Although strategic planning is utilized throughout the United States Air Force today in various forms, group sessions can become time-consuming without structured planning and a focus on group communication. Computer-supported strategic planning, making effective use of(More)
Training humans in detecting deception is as much a difficult and important problem as detecting deception itself. A computer-based deception detection training system, Agent99 Trainer, was built with a goal to train humans to understand deception and detect deception more accurately. Based on the previous studies, a newer version of this system was(More)
The U.S. military is in the midst of a transformation. While business leaders moved quickly to put computing power in the hands of individuals, the military establishment has been less responsive. Network Centric Warfare is a current U.S. Navy initiative to leverage the power of the computer to restructure forces from the bottom up. Instead of a strict(More)
People are not very good at detecting deception in normal communication , and past efforts to train them to become better detectors have been mixed. This paper reports on a training study involving 177 military officers. In addition to developing and testing a training program to improve deception detection, this study also aimed to test different versions(More)
StrikeCOM is a multi-player online strategy game designed to create discourse to aid in the examination of the development of group processes, shared awareness, and communication in distributed and face-to-face groups. The game mimics C3ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) scenarios and information gathering in(More)