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Strategic planning is a critical part of establishing an organization's direction. Although strategic planning is utilized throughout the United States Air Force today in various forms, group sessions can become time-consuming without structured planning and a focus on group communication. Computer-supported strategic planning, making effective use of(More)
Training humans in detecting deception is as much a difficult and important problem as detecting deception itself. A computer-based deception detection training system, Agent99 Trainer, was built with a goal to train humans to understand deception and detect deception more accurately. Based on the previous studies, a newer version of this system was(More)
People are not very good at detecting deception in normal communication , and past efforts to train them to become better detectors have been mixed. This paper reports on a training study involving 177 military officers. In addition to developing and testing a training program to improve deception detection, this study also aimed to test different versions(More)
StrikeCOM is a multi-player online strategy game designed to create discourse to aid in the examination of the development of group processes, shared awareness, and communication in distributed and face-to-face groups. The game mimics C3ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) scenarios and information gathering in(More)
Instant messaging, chat rooms and other forms of synchronous computer-mediated communication (CMC) are increasing in use in the business, military, and consumer world. The language action perspective provides methods for analyzing and modelling repeated business conversations including synchronous CMC. This paper describes a method for creating a profiles(More)