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From May 1982 to August 1991, 1200 patients underwent valve replacement with the St. Jude Medical (St. Jude Medical, Inc., St. Paul, Minn.) valve: 615 men (51%) and 585 women, mean age 58 years. Preoperatively, 830 patients (69%) were in functional class III or IV. A total of 611 patients (51%) had the aortic valve replaced, 490 (41%) the mitral valve, 2(More)
Research was conducted on the application of GroupWriter, to support the development, editing, sharing, and modification of government documents. One of the major advantages of using GroupWriter is the support of collaborative writing and the manipulation of documents in a manner unconstrained by time and place. At this time various groups from government(More)
Strategic planning is a critical part of establishing an organization’s direction. Although strategic planning is utilized throughout the United States Air Force today in various forms, group sessions can become time-consuming without structured planning and a focus on group communication. Computer-supported strategic planning, making effective use of(More)
The U.S. military is in the midst of a transformation. While business leaders moved quickly to put computing power in the hands of individuals, the military establishment has been less responsive. Network Centric Warfare is a current U.S. Navy initiative to leverage the power of the computer to restructure forces from the bottom up. Instead of a strict(More)
Past research in deception detection at the University of Arizona has guided the investigation of intent detection. A theoretical foundation and model for the analysis of intent detection is proposed. Available test beds for intent analysis are discussed and two proof-ofconcept studies exploring nonverbal communication within the context of deception(More)