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Reconstructing Familiar Metaphors: John Dewey and Louise Rosenblatt on Literary Art as Experience.
In this conceptual review essay I trouble the word experience as it is currently being used by researchers and teachers who want to reform literature instruction in schools and colleges. OnceExpand
Mixing Memory and Desire: A Family Literacy Event.
"When we open our eyes each morning, it is upon a world we have spent a lifetime learning how to see. We are not given the world: We make our world through incessant experience, categorization,Expand
Ways of Reading and "The Use of Force.".
Emerson, Reading, and Democracy: Reading as Engaged Democratic Citizenship
What is the right use of books?” Responding to the question he famously raised, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that “books are for nothing but to inspire,” which we take as endorsing a pragmatic andExpand
How to Facilitate Organizational Transformation with a Turnaround Mindset and an Innovation Culture
If all the stars were to align, and if innovations yet to be thought of were implemented, how much more do you think that you and your team as a whole could realistically create in annual salesExpand
Literary Art as Experience: A Transactional Perspective on the Interface between Scholarship and Pedagogy.
spectrum of mail order and online distributors. Clearly, many people are buying books, and according to Mary Cregan, a lecturer at Barnard College, the really good news is evidence that Americans byExpand