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The Monetary Value of Saving a High-Risk Youth
Programs targeted at high-risk youth are designed to prevent high-school dropout, crime, drug abuse, and other forms of delinquency. Even if shown to be successful in reducing one or more social ill,Expand
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Does the Market Value Environmental Performance?
Previous studies that attempt to relate environmental to financial performance have often led to conflicting results due to small samples and subjective environmental performance criteria. We reportExpand
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New Evidence on the Monetary Value of Saving a High Risk Youth
There is growing interest in crime prevention through early youth interventions; yet, the standard United States response to the crime problem, particularly among juveniles, has been to increase theExpand
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Victim Costs and Consequences : A New Look
s Sponsor special projects and research and development programs that will improve and strengthen the criminal justice system and reduce or prevent crime. s Conduct national demonstration projectsExpand
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Willingness-to-Pay for Crime Control Programs
This paper reports on a new methodology to estimate the "cost of crime." We adapt the contingent valuation method used in the environmental economics literature to estimate the public'sExpand
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Monitoring and Enforcement of Environmental Policy
This article reviews the economics literature on monitoring and enforcement of environmental policy. In the last few years there has been a rapid growth in both theoretical developments and empiricalExpand
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Pain, Suffering, and Jury Awards: A Study of the Cost of Crime to Victims
pocket expenses incurred by victims. This approach significantly underestimates the cost of crime to victims by ignoring the pain, suffering, and fear caused by crime. Other studies have attempted toExpand
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The Costs of Crime and Justice
1. Introduction 2. An Economic Approach to Crime and Costing Methodologies 3. Victim Costs 4. Third Party and Society Costs 5. Policy Analysis and the Cost of Crime
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The Cost of Mental Health Care for Victims of Crime
This article reports on a nationally representative survey of 168 mental health care professionals about their treatment of crime victims. It is estimated that in 1991, between 3.1 and 4.7 millionExpand
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Studying the costs of crime across offender trajectories
Research Summary Longitudinal studies of delinquency and crime have generated an important source of descriptive information regarding patterns of offending across the life course, and have helpedExpand
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