Mark A Weiner

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STUDY OBJECTIVE Osteoporosis and/or fractures have been reported as a complication of kidney, heart, liver, bone marrow, and, most recently, lung transplantation (LTx). We measured bone mineral density (BMD) before and after LTx to determine the frequency and severity of preoperative and postoperative osteoporosis. PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a(More)
For many years, pleural effusions have been recognized as a complication of cirrhosis, occurring in approximately 5.5% of patients. Recent studies have confirmed that small defects in the diaphragm allow for passage of ascitic fluid into the pleural space. Successful management of these patients is challenging, as many of the treatment options can be(More)
CONTEXT The number of patients currently awaiting lung transplantation far exceeds the supply of available organs. Adherence to postoperative treatment regimens is essential for optimal posttransplant success. OBJECTIVE The present study was designed to examine the demographic and psychological factors associated with compliance in patients who have had(More)
Patients with cystic fibrosis pose particular challenges for lung transplant surgeons. Earlier reports from North American centers suggested that patients with cystic fibrosis were at greater risk for heart-lung or isolated lung transplantation than other patients with end-stage pulmonary disease. During a 3 1/2 year period, 44 patients with end-stage lung(More)
BACKGROUND AND IMPORTANCE Cavernous malformations (CMs) arising intrinsically to the cisternal segment of the trochlear nerve are extremely rare. This case of a trochlear nerve cavernous angioma is the third to be reported in the neurosurgical literature and the first to be resected by a middle fossa approach. CLINICAL PRESENTATION The authors present a(More)
Clinicians are increasingly being challenged by patients who are treated for chronic pain with high-dose opioids that can cause medical, social, and societal harm. These patients may best be improved by psychological approaches, adjuvant medications, and opioid reduction or removal, rather than ever-escalating dosing that has become common. Opioid reduction(More)
Congenital absence of the portal vein (CAPV) is a rare congenital anomaly in which the superior mesenteric veins (SMV) and splenic veins converge and bypass the liver, effectively draining directly into the systemic venous circulation via the inferior vena cava (IVC), or alternatively the renal or iliac vein, creating a native portosystemic shunt.(More)
Diversity within Shigella dysenteriae (n=40) and Shigella boydii (n=30) isolates from children living in Egypt aged <5 years was investigated. Shigella-associated diarrhoea occurred mainly in summer months and in children aged <3 years, it commonly presented with vomiting and fever. Serotypes 7 (30%), 2 (28%), and 3 (23%) accounted for most of S.(More)