Mark A. Walch

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In this paper, we introduce the concept of Pictographic Matching as a tool for document exploitation across multiple languages. The primary technology supporting Pictographic Matching uses graph-based pattern matching to detect the <i>signature</i> of words contained in images of documents. This signature takes the form of graphs created by the line(More)
A novel approach to automated fingerprint matching and scoring that produces accurate locally and nonlinearly adjusted overlays of a latent print onto each reference print in a corpus is described. The technology, which addresses challenges inherent to latent prints, provides the latent print examiner with a prioritized ranking of candidate reference prints(More)
A writer's biometric identity can be characterized through the distribution of physical feature measurements ("writer's profile"); a graph-based system that facilitates the quantification of these features is described. To accomplish this quantification, handwriting is segmented into basic graphical forms ("graphemes"), which are "skeletonized" to yield the(More)
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