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  • S Hamdioui, Ad J Van De Goor, J Delos, Reyes, M Rodgers
  • 2000
The results of 12 well-known and three fault-primitive-based memory test algorithms applied to 0.13 micron technology 512 kB single-port SRAMs are presented. Each test algorithm is used with up to 16 different stress combinations (SCs) (i.e. different address sequences, data backgrounds and voltages) resulting in 122 tests. The results show that SCs(More)
Lung granulomas are the pathologic hallmark of tuberculosis (TB). T cells are a major cellular component of TB lung granulomas and are known to play an important role in containment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) infection. We used cynomolgus macaques, a non-human primate model that recapitulates human TB with clinically active disease, latent(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is the most common mental disorder in community settings and a major cause of disability across the world. The objective of treatment is to achieve remission or at least adequate control of depressive symptoms; however, even after successful treatment, the risk of relapse after remission is significant. Although the effectiveness of(More)
We previously described that low-dose Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in cynomolgus macaques results in a spectrum of disease similar to that of human infection: primary disease, latent infection, and reactivation tuberculosis (S. V. Capuano III, D. A. Croix, S. Pawar, A. Zinovik, A. Myers, P. L. Lin, S. Bissel, C. Fuhrman, E. Klein, and J. L. Flynn,(More)
BACKGROUND The grading of recommendation, assessment, development and evaluation (GRADE) approach is widely implemented in health technology assessment and guideline development organisations throughout the world. GRADE provides a transparent approach to reaching judgements about the quality of evidence on the effects of a health care intervention, but is(More)
Although discontinuation of suppressive antifungal therapy for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)-associated histoplasmosis is accepted for patients with immunologic recovery, there have been no published studies of this approach in clinical practice, and minimal characterization of individuals who relapse with this disease. We performed a(More)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection presents across a spectrum in humans, from latent infection to active tuberculosis. Among those with latent tuberculosis, it is now recognized that there is also a spectrum of infection and this likely contributes to the variable risk of reactivation tuberculosis. Here, functional imaging with 18F-fluorodeoxygluose(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the accuracy of point-of-care testing for circulatory cathodic antigen in the diagnosis of schistosome infection. METHODS We searched MEDLINE, EMBASE, LILACS and other bibliographic databases for studies published until 30 September 2015 that described circulatory cathodic antigen testing compared against one to three Kato-Katz tests(More)
BACKGROUND Research has indicated that adverse effects terms are increasingly prevalent in the title, abstract or indexing terms of articles that contain adverse drug effects data in MEDLINE and Embase. However, it is unknown whether adverse effects terms are present in the database records of articles that contain adverse effects data of medical devices,(More)
  • C Mason, Thomas, B Lee, D Clarke, Al Ahmad, Thomas S A Bix +13 others
  • 2012
(2012) Changes in the brain accumulation of glucocorticoids in abcb1a-deficient CF-1 mice. The transport of nifurtimox, an anti-trypanosomal drug, in an in vitro model of the human blood-brain barrier: evidence for involvement of breast cancer resistance protein. (2011) Perlecan Domain V is neuroprotective and enhances post-stroke angiogenesis ,(More)