Mark A. Pinsky

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BACKGROUND A high concentration of crosslinked hyaluronic acid (HA) in a smooth, malleable formulation is the hallmark of the new Juvéderm dermal fillers. OBJECTIVE To determine the long-term effectiveness and safety of Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus injectable gel. METHODS In the multicenter study approved by the Food and Drug Administration, subjects(More)
A new stability criterion for time-varying systems consisting of linear and norm bounded nonlinear terms with uncertain time-varying delays is formulated. An explicit delay-independent sufficient stability condition is formulated in the terms of the transition matrix of the given linear part without delay and the bounds for the uncertain terms. The obtained(More)
Qualitative analysis of a pendulum with a periodically varying length is conducted. It is proved that there are two periodic solutions having a prescribed amplitude A(and a period ¹ which is an even multiple k of the excitation period. Stability analysis is carried out for the principal parametric oscillations (k"2). In this connection it is shown that such(More)