Mark A. Jones

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Balanced forces around the shoulder are important for normal function; however, rehabilitation guidelines are not well defined because the muscle contributions and optimal exercise technique to recruit them are poorly understood. This study aimed to determine (1) the conditions of resisted isometric external rotation that optimized the contribution of(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify variation in the rates of use of key evidence-based therapies and in clinical outcomes among patients hospitalised with acute coronary syndromes (ACS). DESIGN Retrospective analysis of data on care processes and clinical outcomes of representative patient samples recorded by the Queensland Health Cardiac Collaborative registry. (More)
The increasing size and complexity of many software systems demand a greater emphasis on capturing and maintaining knowledge at many different levels within the software development process. This knowledge includes descriptions of the hardware and software components and their behavior, external and internal design specifications, and support for system(More)
The Insight Lab is an immersive environment designed to support teams who create design requirements documents. Requirements emerge from a deep understanding of a problem domain, which is achieved through in-depth analysis of large amounts of qualitative data. The goal of the Lab is to facilitate the data analysis process through the seamless interaction of(More)
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) production by an NADPH oxidase (NOX) encoded by AtrbohC/RHD2 is required for root hair growth in Arabidopsis thaliana. ROP (RHO of plants) GTPases are also required for normal root hair growth and have been proposed to regulate ROS production in plants. Therefore, the role of ROP GTPase in NOX-dependent ROS formation by root(More)
In patients hospitalised with acute coronary syndromes (ACS) and congestive heart failure (CHF), evidence suggests opportunities for improving in-hospital and after-hospital care, patient self-care, and hospital-community integration. A multidisciplinary quality improvement program was designed and instigated in Brisbane in October 2000 involving 250(More)
The increasing size and complexity of many sofi-ware systems demand a greater emphasis on capturing and maintaining knowledge at many difler-ent levels within the sofiware development process. The knowledge-based soflware engineering (KBSE) research paradigm is concerned with systems that use formallg represented knowledge, with associated inference(More)
We describe a general approach to the probabilis-tic parsing of context-free grammars. The method integrates context-sensitive statistical knowledge of various types e.g., syntactic and semantic and can be trained incrementally from a bracketed corpus. We i n troduce a variant of the GHR context-free recognition algorithm, and explain how t o adapt it for(More)