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The SLAC Linac can deliver to End Station A (ESA) a high-energy test beam with similar beam parameters as for the International Linear Collider (ILC) for bunch charge, bunch length and bunch energy spread.[1] ESA beam tests run parasitically with PEP-II with single damped bunches at 10Hz, beam energy of 28.5 GeV and bunch charge of (1.5-2.0)·10 10(More)
A new control scheme is presented which provides simultaneous control of the output voltage and the energy storage capacitor voltage in the full-bridge Boost Integrated with Buck RectifiedEnergy storage/Dc-dc converter (full-bridge BIBRED). The new control scheme solves the problem of wide voltage excursions for the energy storage capacitor voltage under(More)
AIMS To determine whether American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) are an unrecognized poikilothermic source of faecal coliform and/or potential pathogenic bacteria in South Carolina's coastal waters. METHODS AND RESULTS Bacteria from the cloaca of American alligators, as well as bacteria from surface water samples from their aquatic habitat, were(More)
An area of saline sodic soil was intensively drained and treatments of gypsum (31 t/ha) or sulphur (6 t/ha) were applied, while control plots received no ameliorants. Physical and chemical soil analyses showed gypsum to have an ameliorative effect slightly superior to that of sulphur. Both treatments were more beneficial than the control but differences(More)
Topology provides a novel means to describe branching patterns and has not been applied to fungal colonies previously. For any branched structure, various topologies are possible, and these lie between two extremes, a herringbone pattern (main axis with primary laterals) and a dichotomous pattern (highly branched system). We applied topological methods to(More)
A major impurity in a sample of propantheline bromide tablets has been identified as 9-hydroxypropantheline on the basis of the proton magnetic resonance (PMR) and mass spectra (MS). This identification was confirmed by methanolysis of the tablet extract, which yielded a mixture of methyl xanthanoate and methyl 9-hydroxyxanthanoate. A liquid chromatographic(More)
Application of the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) Analytical procedure for the determination of leachable chromium to samples of catgut sutures yielded fading coloured solutions and was considered to constitute a poor basis for an analytical method. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) method and an adaptation of the American Public Health Association (APHA)(More)
Results of determinations for particle size distribution , bulk density, porosity and moisture retention over the available moisture range are tabulated for 2 1 different soil series. Moisture characteristic curves are plotted for seven soil series which broadly represent the various soil conditions that occur. Moisture release characteristics of these(More)
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