Mark A Hoefer

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We studied the relation of body weight to lengths of stay and total charges for all patients hospitalized at the Brigham and Women's Hospital for total knee replacement and total hip replacement during a 12-month period. Patients with moderate obesity (actual body weight 141-170 per cent of ideal) had lengths of stay and total charges similar to normal(More)
Six hundred sixty-eight obese outpatients, 71 per cent (+/- 34) in excess of ideal weight, were enrolled in a multidisciplinary weight control program. The major components of the program included nutrition, education, behavior modification, and exercise. Rapid weight loss was accomplished using a very low calorie (less than 800 kcal) ketogenic diet.(More)
There is growing recognition that meaningful measures of health-related quality of life must be used to evaluate health care interventions. We examined the practicality and validity of three promising measures of overall health: the General Health Rating Index (GHRI), the Quality of Well-being Scale (QWB), and the Sickness Impact Profile (SIP). Practicality(More)
The predicted resting metabolic rate (pRMR), as is estimated by the Harris-Benedict equation (HBE), was compared with the actual resting metabolic rate (mRMR), as assessed by indirect calorimetry, in 31 moderately obese (mean above ideal body weight = 44 +/- 2.8%) male subjects (mean age = 48 +/- 4.5 years; mean weight = 107.3 +/- 17.1 kg; mean% fat = 34(More)
Dissipative solitons have been reported in a wide range of nonlinear systems, but the observation of their magnetic analog has been experimentally challenging. Using spin transfer torque underneath a nanocontact on a magnetic thin film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA), we have observed the generation of dissipative magnetic droplet solitons and(More)
The processes of merging and splitting dilute-gas Bose-Einstein condensates are studied in the nonadiabatic, high-density regime. Rich dynamics are found. Depending on the experimental parameters, uniform soliton trains containing more than ten solitons or the formation of a high-density bulge as well as dispersive shock waves are observed experimentally(More)
A nonlinear model of spin-wave excitation using a point contact in a thin ferromagnetic film is introduced. Large-amplitude magnetic solitary waves are computed, which help explain recent spin-torque experiments. Numerical simulations of the fully nonlinear model predict excitation frequencies in excess of 0.2 THz for contact diameters smaller than 6 nm.(More)
The long-time behavior of an initial step resulting in a dispersive shock wave (DSW) for the one-dimensional isentropic Euler equations regularized by generic, third-order dispersion is considered by use of Whitham averaging. Under modest assumptions, the jump conditions (DSW locus and speeds) for admissible, weak DSWs are characterized and found to depend(More)
The propagation and controlled manipulation of strongly nonlinear, two-dimensional solitonic states in a thin, anisotropic ferromagnet are theoretically demonstrated. It has been recently proposed that spin-polarized currents in a nanocontact device could be used to nucleate a stationary dissipative droplet soliton. Here, an external magnetic field is(More)
Faraday waves in a cigar-shaped Bose-Einstein condensate are created. It is shown that periodically modulating the transverse confinement, and thus the nonlinear interactions in the BEC, excites small amplitude longitudinal oscillations through a parametric resonance. It is also demonstrated that even without the presence of a continuous drive, an initial(More)