Mark A Hauser

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We currently lack a broader mechanistic understanding of the integration of the early secretory pathway with other homeostatic processes such as cell growth. Here, we explore the possibility that Sec16A, a major constituent of endoplasmic reticulum exit sites (ERES), acts as an integrator of growth factor signaling. Surprisingly, we find that Sec16A is a(More)
At the ultrastructural level length changes accompanying linear movements of resting (non-feeding) tentacles of the suctorian Heliophrya involve not only altered microtubule numbers, but also marked changes in the specific microtubule pattern of cross-sectioned tentacles. These changes in number and pattern indicate a sliding between axonemal microtubules.(More)
After fixation with a reaction product of glutaraldehyde and spermidine phosphate Amoeba proteus cells show a network of cortical microfilaments and oriented bundles of thick and thin filaments. The cortical filament network appears to be membrane-attached and extends beneath the whole cytoplasmic membrane surface. In the uroid region and in retracting(More)
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