Mark A. Hasegawa-Johnson

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Stuttering is a developmental speech disorder that occurs in 5% of children with spontaneous remission in approximately 70% of cases. Previous imaging studies in adults with persistent stuttering found left white matter deficiencies and reversed right-left asymmetries compared to fluent controls. We hypothesized that similar differences might be present(More)
The increasing popularity of real-world recommender systems produces data continuously and rapidly, and it becomes more realistic to study recommender systems under streaming scenarios. Data streams present distinct properties such as temporally ordered, continuous and high-velocity, which poses tremendous challenges to traditional recommender systems. In(More)
Data of many problems in real-world systems such as link prediction and one-class recommendation share common characteristics. First, data are in the form of positive unlabeled (PU) measurements (e.g. Twitter "following", Facebook "like", etc.) that do not provide negative information, which can be naturally represented as networks. Second, in the era of(More)
—In many under-resourced languages it is possible to find text, and it is possible to find speech, but transcribed speech suitable for training automatic speech recognition (ASR) is unavailable. In the absence of native transcripts, this paper proposes the use of a probabilistic transcript: a probability mass function over possible phonetic transcripts of(More)
This paper presents an efficient implementation of the Wavenet generation process called Fast Wavenet. Compared to a na¨ıve implementation that has complexity O(2 L) (L denotes the number of layers in the network), our proposed approach removes redundant convolution operations by caching previous calculations, thereby reducing the complexity to O(L) time.(More)
Many past studies have been conducted on speech/music discrimination due to the potential applications for broadcast and other media; however, it remains possible to expand the experimental scope to include samples of speech with varying amounts of background music. This paper focuses on the development and evaluation of two measures of the ratio between(More)
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